If you’re planning on selling your Bend Oregon Home you can improve your chances of making your home more desirable to buyers by following these tips.

#1 – Make Your Home Smell Good

Before buyers arrive to view your home make sure that you air it out at least four hours in advance then place dryer sheets in the vents so that when your agent turns on the central heating and air conditioning system buyers will smell a fresh scent in your home.

#2 – Send Your Pets on a Holiday

Send your pets on a “holiday” at least 24 hours in advance so you will have time to clean up all traces of your pet because, some buyers don’t like the thought of buying a home that “might” have pet damage.

#3 – Buy Matching Appliances for Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is ‘stuck in the nineties’ and you’ve purchased mismatches appliances over the years you should buy all matching appliances because, nothing says “kitchen makeover” like mismatches appliances do.

#4 – Clean Everything

Another important thing you can do to add value to your Bend Oregon Home is to clean everything, including your medicine cabinet and closets because, buyers will certainly look in those areas if they are serious about buying your home.

#5 – Hire a Professional Designer

Consider hiring a professional designer for at least one to two hours because, this will give you a fresh perspective on things you can do to add value to your home and many times the recommendations a designer will give you are going to be inexpensive things you can easily do yourself.

#6 – Add Granite Counter Tops

Most buyers in 2015 still love granite counter tops so, if you want to make your home more desirable you should consider adding granite counter tops to your kitchen and bathroom.

#7 – Declutter Your Home

Last of all, but most important, de-clutter your home NOW by boxing up and removing any unwanted, or unused items from your home and placing those boxes in storage since you’re going to be moving anyway.

Buy a Bend Oregon Home

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