Median sales price cools slightly, but market far from a deep freeze


By Jason Boone

Although the median sales price of a home in Bend, Oregon, dropped in July for the second month in a row, there are plenty of signs that the trajectory of the market has only slightly leveled off and hasn’t begun anything approaching a downward path.

July’s median sales price was $364,450, according to data compiled by the Skjersaa Group. That is 1.5 percent less than June’s median of $370,000. Since May, when the median was $374,000, the median price has dropped 2.6 percent.

Still, July’s $364,450 ranks as the fifth-highest median sale price in the Skjersaa Group’s data set, which dates to 2007. The only months with a greater median sales price than July’s were two months before the recession (April and May 2007) and May and June of this year.

In spring 2007, the market had an inventory of 12.8 months in April and 15.2 months in May. In July 2016, that inventory was up for the second consecutive month from a calendar-year low of 1.7 in May but still at a historically low 2.2 months.

A market’s inventory represents how long it would take for all homes currently on the market to be sold if the number of houses for sale held steady. An inventory of six months is generally regarded as the boundary between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market.

At the start of August, the Bend market had 534 active listings. That’s the most properties that have been for sale since October 2015, when 565 were listed. In terms of the number of listings, this year’s market is following a pattern begun in 2013, when July and August set calendar-year highs for listings (subsequent months in some past years exceeded August’s figures and pushed the calendar-year highs even higher).

Before a late-spring increase in homes on the market, the raw quantity of properties for sale in 2016 lagged what we saw in 2015. Beginning in July 2013, there were at least 400 active listings each month until January 2016, when there were 395. Not until May, when there were 407 properties for sale, did this year’s figures break through that milestone.

The average daReduced_July_2016ys on the market fell in July to 97, a low for the nearly 10 years for which we have data. The average sales price to list price remained at 99 percent (where it has been for eight of the last nine months), indicating that properties are coming onto the market at competitive prices.

The number of properties for sale that had a reduction in price hit a calendar-year high in July of 37 percent. Within the price tiers in the Skjersaa Group’s data that had at least five sales in July, homes in the $525,100-to-$625,000 range had the greatest percentage of reduced prices: 47 percent.

With 276 home sales pending at the end of July, we are bound to see another month of robust sales in August. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect Bend home or market your property this summer, I can assist you.

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Median sales price declines slightly in June

By Jason Boone

June was the busiest month for home sales in Bend, Oregon, to date in the 2016 calendar year in terms of houses sold and active listings, and the increase in inventory might have helped produce the first month-to-month drop in median sales price since November 2015.

The 462 active listings in June were a calendar-year high, as were the 287 sales. One hundred fifty homes on the market had their prices reduced, a percentage of reductions (32 percent) that hadn’t been seen since September 2015. That month, 37 percent of the 562 listings in Bend had reduced prices.

Inventory crept up from 1.7 months in May to 1.8 months in June. A six-month inventory generally is regarded as the dividing line between a buyer’s and a seller’s market.

The median price of sold homes was $370,000 in June, down from $374,000 in May. Year over year, the median price has risen 12.3 percent from June 2015’s figure of $329,450. Even with the monthly decline in median price in June, the year-to-date median price rose to $352,225.

Notwithstanding the decline in median sales price, June’s figure ranks third in the 10 years for which the Skjersaa Group has sales data. Only May 2007 ($396,250) and May 2016 have had higher median sales prices than June.

Homes in the $425,100-$525,000 range had an average ratio of sales price to list price of 100 percent and the shortest average days on market (94 days) of any price range. Inventory in this price range dropped from 1.9 months in May to 1.6 months in June.

June’s overall ratio of sales price to list price was 99 percent, the same as for the entire 2015 calendar year and the fifth month this calendar year with a ratio that high.

Looking ahead, 288 sales were pending and 506 listings were active heading into July. Those are relatively high numbers and should portend a continuing active market.

The real estate environment in Bend might appear daunting, considering the pace of activity in such a desirable market. My experience here can help you find the right home at the right price, or, if you are looking to sell, I can help you market your home for an optimal outcome in our conditions.

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