low water pressure bend oregon

One of the most important things that home buyers who are interested in purchasing Bend Oregon Real Estate can do when inspecting a home that they want to purchase is to check the water pressure.

Water pressure is important because, low water pressure can mean anything from a cracked pipe to a cracked mainline and repairing either of those pipes can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Where To Check

Low water pressure is fairly common in homes that were built between the 1920’s and 1980’s.

Sadly it’s not uncommon to find many older craftsman style homes for sale on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market.

To verify if a home has low water pressure or not the home buyer should inspect the following areas of the home:

• Kitchen Sink
• Toilets
• Shower

Bend Oregon Real Estate Buyer Tip

One good method to determine low water pressure is to run water into the bathtub and flush the toilet at the same time because, if a home has low water pressure one or the other will experience a pressure change with both are in use.

What Can Be Done About Low Water Pressure?

If a home on the 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate market has low water pressure the home buyer can ultimately use a pressure booster.

Before using such a device the homeowner should consult with a licensed plumber first to make sure that there aren’t other things that can be done to increase the water pressure in their home.

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