Bend Oregon Home

By: Jason Boone 

BEND, Ore. – If you’re thinking about selling your Bend Oregon Home in the coming months one of the WORST things you can do is overprice your home because this will only have damaging effects and keep buyers away who may have been interested in buying your home.

A Home Is Only Worth What Buyers Are Willing To Pay For It

Although your friend, family member, or co-worker may have been able to overprice their Bend Oregon Home when they sold it during the 90’s the reality is that in any Real Estate market a home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

Buyers in 2015 have more resources at their disposal than they did 15 or 20 years ago and they will be able to know within a few minutes if your home is really worth what you are asking for it or not.

Don’t Scare Off Buyers

Yes, you may be tempted to overprice your home because, there’s a huge demand for Bend Oregon Homes right now but the reality is that overpricing your home WILL scare off buyers and this will result in your house sitting on the market for a lot longer than you originally expected.

Sadly, the longer a home sits on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market buyers will begin to wonder “what’s wrong with that home?” and they will focus on other homes for sale in Bend, rather than view your house.

Besides buyers losing interest in your home locally another consequence of overpricing your Bend Oregon Home is that it will ultimately fall off search results on websites like Zillow and this means you will have a lot less interest in your home than you originally expected.

Use the Correct Pricing Strategy

To price your Bend Oregon Home correctly consider using one of these pricing strategies.

#1 – Price your home at just below market value – If you list your home at just below market value this will attract the attention of buyers who see your home as a great “deal” that they want to investigate.

#2 – Price your home at market value – You may not be excited about this strategy but the truth is that when your home sells at least you will be able to sell it for what it’s worth.

#3 – Be willing to negotiate – Yes, you should still be willing to negotiate in 2015 because there will be some buyers who ARE interested in buying your home but it’s in their nature to negotiate so don’t drive them away by turning down their offers, be open to negotiating and you may be able to sell your home for MORE than what it’s worth.

Sell Your Bend Oregon Home

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