We have just received the newest weekly data on the Bend real estate market and wanted to provide you with a quick analysis.

As expected, most real estate activity has declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the local real estate market is not at a stand-still. Understandably, there are fewer new listings and fewer homes being re-listed right now.

The real estate community is responding to social distancing by offering fewer in-person showings, and that is certainly affecting sales and pending sales. Home sales are down 21% week-to-week and 28% in the last month. Pending sales are flat week-to-week and down 51% in the last month.

Week of:Mar. 9-15Mar. 16-22Mar.23-29Mar.30-Apr.5
New Listings85796647
Pending Sales68523333

*Homes that are re-listed are also referred to as “Back On Market” (BOM)

We hope this quick snapshot is helpful to you and we will be providing a full analysis of the monthly market trends in a few days. In the meantime, our entire team is always available to answer your questions.