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Home prices continue to rise across the United States and homeowners are excited especially since at the start of this year it was expected that home prices would start to decline due to the Federal Reserve tapering but that has not happened yet.

Year-Over-Year Gains

Home prices showed some significant gains year over year In February with 12.2% gains and the housing market is expected to show significant gains for March as well of at least 10.5 % once last month’s figures for the Real Estate market are finally in.

24 Months of Gains

The encouraging figures as reported this week by CoreLogic also show us that in total we’ve enjoyed increases in home prices for 24 months and home prices are expected to continue to appreciate as we move into the spring and summer months.

2014 Projections on Track

Thanks to the CoreLogic data we also know that other segments of the housing market are expected to continue improving including the shrinking of distressed home sale inventory and foreclosures.

Oregon has shown the highest increases in home values over recent months including a 13.8% increase in home appreciation in February including a three month gain in home values of 2.2% which ranks Oregon as one of the best states for home appreciation in 2014 along with Nevada, California, Michigan and Georgia.

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