By Jason Boone

Over the years I’ve sold homes to many first time home buyers and although it may seem easy taking care of the landscape around a home for the first time can seem a little intimidating even if you thought you had a green thumb.

Step 1 – Do a walkthrough

The first step to taking care of your landscape like a professional is to take a walk through your landscape and see exactly what your property has to offer.

Questions to ask:

• How many trees does my property have?
• Are all of the trees mature and in good health?
• Do some of the trees lean or touch my house?

If your landscape has diseased or sick trees you should consider hiring a licensed tree professional to remove any sick trees and cut back trees that may be too close to your home.

Dead or dying trees can be fuel for a fire and leaning trees that are too close to your home can also present problems when we have bad weather.

Step 2 – How is your landscape getting watered?

During your walk through your landscape it’s important to evaluate how your trees, plants and grass are getting watered.

You should also evaluate if your landscape has a sprinkler system or not because, without a sprinkler system in place you will have to set yourself a reminder on your calendar to water at least 3 days per week during the hot summer months.

Step 3 – What needs to be repaired?

How are the fences on your property? Have they all been maintained or are they leaning and showing age?

Are the hardscape elements like rock walls continuing to do their job or do they need repairs too?

Deciding where to start work on repairs is important because, it will enable you to stay on top of the work that must be done in your yard and not fall behind.

Step 4 – Do a property clean up

Before you do anything else in your yard you should make a plan to do a property clean up by mowing and trimming your grass, shaping trees, pruning bushes and fertilizing your plants.

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