Deschutes County home Building

Home building is expected to continue booming in 2014.

Building is on the rise in Deschutes County!

By Jason Boone

Thanks to recent statistics from the Deschutes County Community Development Department (CDD) we know that the Deschutes County 2014 Real Estate and inventory is on the rise.

Construction of homes in cities like Bend, Prineville, Redmond and Sunriver is expected to continue booming during the remainder of 2014 and on into 2015.

Encouraging Statistics

After analyzing the CDD list we know that from July 1st to July 31st 694 building permits were issued across Deschutes County.
Here’s a synopsis of some of the permits which were issued per the Deschutes County Community Development Depart statistics:

* New Home Construction – 35 Permits

* Alterations or Additions – 32 Permits

* Accessory Buildings – 17 Permits

Total Valuation for Deschutes County

Economists, Realtor’s and CDD economists are excited about the growth of the Deschutes County Real Estate Market.
The construction and renovation of new and existing homes across the area is no longer in the red and has quickly moved into the black because, there is now enough demand for homes to keep builders busy here renovating and building for the next few years.

The total valuation of permits pulled for the month of July 2014 was $16,646,998 and over $13 million dollars is being pumped into new construction across Deschutes County.

The Perfect Time for Deschutes County Real Estate?

If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling Deschutes County homes now is the time to make your move and be a part of the 2014 Real Estate market.

Thanks to low mortgage interest rates (currently 4.5%) there’s never been a better time to buy or sell a home in Bend or elsewhere across Deschutes County.

If You Plan On Buying a Home

Step 1 – Get pre-qualified for an Oregon Mortgage Loan

Step 2 – Contact a Real Estate agent who specializes in Deschutes County Residential homes

Step 3 – Define where you want to live in Deschutes County and what you are looking for in a home (Example: sq. ft, new homes, county homes, foreclosed homes etc)

Step 4 – Be prepared to answer your Realtors calls because homes for sale can go quickly!

If you Plan On Selling Your Home

1. Thoroughly clean your home inside and outside on your prop

2. Stage your home to sell by removing the excess clutter you might not be using

3. Contact your Deschutes County Realtor and talk with them about their plan for selling your Oregon home

4. Don’t hesitate to take your Realtor’s recommendations to heart and make changes or improvements to your home if they are recommended to you.

Many home buyers are searching for land (acre) and rural retreats for sale across Deschutes County so with the help of your experienced Realtor you will be able to market your home to the right buyer and have confidence that they will enjoy living in your home just as much as you have for years to come.

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