Staging Tips – Don’t Forget To Remove The Old Car From Your Driveway

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There’s no denying that first impressions do count when you’re trying to sell your home that’s why it’s important to focus on things like curb appeal, cleaning, painting and staging.

What about an old car, boat or RV that you may have had sitting in the drive way for months or years?

Should you remove those old vehicles?

Many times it’s easy for people to forget about removing their old vehicles or recreational vehicles from their driveways and they don’t realize that keeping those “Junkers” parked in the front of their homes could ultimately be affecting how quickly they are able to sell their home or condo.


Your Vehicle Is a Reflection of You

Yes, your home is clearly a reflection of who you are and the vehicle that you drive is also a reflection of your personal traits and habits.

This is why it’s also important to remove any old or vehicles that are not currently running from your property because, these “eyesores” can prompt home buyers to wonder what else might be wrong with your home.

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Clean Your Driveway

After removing your old car, truck, RV, boat or project car from your driveway the next step that you should do is rent a pressure washer and spend a few minutes washing your driveway.

Once any old vehicles that are removed from your driveway or property there will be left over residual oil stains and debris from that vehicle so it’s best to take the time to thoroughly clean that area before you have your open house.


Home Staging Tip – Don’t Forget To Clean These Areas Too

Besides removing your old car from your driveway the next things in your home that you should clean are your refrigerator and medicine cabinet.

Your fridge and medicine cabinet are common areas of a home that people will forget to clean and it’s best to take steps to insure that they are spotless and even staged because, with every open house there will be at least one person who looks in them.

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  1. Jason…your information is very helpful for me as I am selling my home and I have done almost al the things that one must do before selling home. I found your tips amazing. You did a great job as simple and to the point advice. Thanks a lot!!

    • Jason Boone says:

      Thank you! I appreciate that you visiting the site and pleased to hear that you benefited from the information. Cheers!

  2. Brian Lee says:

    Removing cars has never been easier now there are so many removalist services out there that will just take the cars and will pay you instead for the amount that the car was worth. All you have to do is fill out their form and get paid.