Real Estate News – Will Home Prices Continue To Increase In 2014?

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The next 12 months will be the perfect opportunity to sell your home.

By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent survey of Realtors across the United States by we know that the Real Estate market across the United States is expected to continue growing across the United States for the rest of 2014 and well into next year.

The Right Time to Sell Your Home

The May 2014 Realtor Confidence Index shows that the median home price nationwide is expected to rise by as much as 4 percent.

Although the increase or decrease in home prices is largely determined by things like the economy, job creation and basic rules of supply vs. demand, most Realtors nationwide feel that home prices will increase by as much as 4 percent or more in most cities.

Expected Price Increase for Oregon

Here in Oregon most Realtors feel that home prices are expected to rise by as much as 7% or more in the next 12 months.

Homeowners in cities like Bend, Redmond, Prineville and Sunriver should take advantage of the growth of the Real Estate market right now and plan on selling since cash sales are still strong, inventory has remained consistent and job growth has continued to increase, especially in Bend over the last 12 months as well.

Low Mortgage Interest Rates Bring More Buyers

Another great factor that’s encouraging to mention is that mortgage interest rates have remained low over the last 6 months and are currently averaging 4.17 percent for a 30-year fixed mortgage loan.

There’s no reason for a motivated buyer to see how much of a mortgage loan they qualify for if they’ve been planning on buying a home in Bend or elsewhere in Oregon.

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What To Expect When Working With A Bend Oregon Realtor

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Selling your Bend Oregon home will definitely be a life-changing experience because, you will be making a decision that positively effect your life but for many homeowners who haven’t bought or sold a home in years, working with a Realtor can be a little unsettling at first because, they don’t know what to expect during the process of selling their home.

In this post were going to cover the top things that you can expect when working with a Bend Oregon Real Estate Agent, or Listing Agent in the part of the country that you live in, so that you can be better prepared for the process of selling your home.


One of the first things that your Real Estate Agent will do when you hire them to sell your home is call you to set up appointments once they have prospective home buyers who are interested in viewing your home.

When you’re on the phone with the Realtor they will also want to know if there are any special instructions for your home for example:

Do you have pets in the garage that they will need to be aware of?

Will there be somebody in your home when they are showing your home to prospective home buyer?

Does your home have an alarm system that they will need to deactivate in order to enter your home?

Getting Ready To Leave

On the day of the showing, the biggest thing that you need to be prepared to do is leave all the lights on in the rooms of your home and go somewhere for an hour or more. Many homeowners have a difficult time leaving the lights on their home with the realization that somebody else will be in their home while they’re gone but, it’s important to remember that the person who will be there is your Realtor who will be working hard to sell your home to the right buyer.

Remove Your Valuables

Before your first open house, it’s important for you to make sure that all the valuables are removed from your home because, you should always take extra precaution to protect your valuables and it’s also important to stage your home for sale by removing excess items in your home like antiques, collectibles, art and furniture since doing this will only help the rooms in your home to look bigger.

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