More Millennials Feel That Home Buying Is an Important Part of the American Dream


There’s no denying that the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market is back on track and home buying here has been fueled by Millennials (Americans born after 1980).

Why are more Millennials buying homes in 2014? It could be that they feel more optimistic about the economy than other age groups and are not willing to wait to get their piece of the “American Dream”.

Millennial Optimism

A recent survey by PulteGroup, Inc verified this fact when they surveyed 1,000 consumers across the United States and found that 54 percent of consumers were from the Millennials generation and 74 percent of those consumers that were surveyed said that now is a “good” or “excellent” time to buy a home.

No Longer Disenfranchised?

Yes the Millennial generation has been a huge part of the Bend Oregon Real Estate market recently but it didn’t always looks like Millennials would become homebuyers since many economists considered them to be the “disenfranchised” generation but that’s changed over the last 10 years as more millennials have married, gotten jobs and started families.

Owning A Home = Happiness?

The PulteGroup survey confirmed that thanks to their optimism 49 percent of Millennial’s plan on purchasing a home in the near future and 62 percent of Millennial’s that were surveyed feel that owning a home can be associated with happiness, independence and personal achievement.

With Spring Time officially here it’s going to be interesting to see how the Bend Oregon Real Estate market heats up as we get closer to Summer.

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Are You Selling Your Home To A Millennial Or Empty Nester?

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2013 has been a great year for home sales in Bend Oregon and as we move into the fall months many homeowners who are planning on selling their homes are encountering interest in their homes from empty-nesters (parents whose children have grown and moved out of their house) and millennials (people born after 1982) but few homebuyers know what to expect from either group of homebuyers since each group has different needs and expectations.

Get To Know Millennials

If a millennial shows up at your open house with their parents or relative is that you should pay as much attention to the parent or relative, as you should to the millennial because, the parent or relative may be the one who will be loaning the millennial the down payment money to obtain the loan for purchasing your home.

It’s also important to remember that when your Realtor lists your home, the listing should highlight all of the technological advances that your home has like: wiring for audio, visual, internet and plenty of space to work from home since most millennials are technologically “savvy” and are looking for the perfect home that will fit “their” lifestyle.

What Are Empty Nesters Looking For?

Empty nesters are looking for homes that offer them many multi-purposes. For example: a bedroom that has plenty of space for a home office, a living room that can also be used for a game room or a garage with plenty of space for a shop.

When marketing a home to empty nesters it’s also important to remember that as empty nesters age, they might not have the same physical abilities as they did when they were younger, so it’s also important to promote attractions that are within walking distance, or close to public transportation, so they can go places without having to drive or rely on others.

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