2015 ends with a banner month of home sales in Bend

mortgage interest ratesBy Jason Boone

What was already an impressive year in 2015 ended on a particular high note in December. In fact, an almost shocking number of homes were sold during the last month of 2015, pushing the year into record-breaking territory.

How good of a month was it?

Through the month of December 214 homes were sold, significantly more than the 141 homes that sold in November and the 169 homes that sold in December 2014, according to data recently compiled by the Skjersaa Group. The December pace was closer to the busy months surrounding summer (from May through September monthly sales landed between 225 homes to 259 months) than a typical winter month.

The strong December might actually portend to another big year in 2016, even if there are hunches the end of the year might bring a moderation of the market.

One key piece of data from the report is that the year ended with just 3.1 months of inventory, which is well down from the 5.2 months that were live in November. The tally is the lowest since just 2.4 months of inventory sat on the market in June 2015 and more than a full month less of inventory than in December 2014.

The median price, the midpoint in which half the homes in Bend sold for more and half for less, was $325,275 in December. That is up from $321,275 in November and $290,000 in December 2014. And the sales price of each home was on average 99 percent of listing price, suggesting pricing power for sellers.

Some of the December spike might be explained by the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interests rates, which may have pushed some potential buyers off the fence. The rental market remains tight. And Bend remains a desirable choice for relocation, making it among the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation.

Regardless of the explanation, it appears that Bend’s real estate market remains strong as we begin 2016.

Some more interesting year-end data from the Skjersaa Group report:

  • In 2015, there were 2,370 homes sold in Bend, the most since at least 2006. To compare, 2,145 homes sold in 2014 and 2,171 sold in 2013.
  • The annual median price was $327,500. That is up from $290,000 in 2014.
  • The average days on market in 2015 was 122 days, which is down from 130 days in 2014 and 127 days in 2013.
  • The average inventory was just three months in 2015, which is down significantly from five months in 2014 and four months in 2013. In fact, only twice (February and November) did the monthly inventory rise above four months.
  • In all, an average of 198 homes sold per month in Bend, which is up from 179 homes a month in 2014 and 151 in 2013.

Knowing how the data applies to each buyer or seller takes expertise. I can help navigate the market and find the perfect Bend, Oregon home.

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7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bend Oregon Home More Desirable To Buyers


If you’re planning on selling your Bend Oregon Home you can improve your chances of making your home more desirable to buyers by following these tips.

#1 – Make Your Home Smell Good

Before buyers arrive to view your home make sure that you air it out at least four hours in advance then place dryer sheets in the vents so that when your agent turns on the central heating and air conditioning system buyers will smell a fresh scent in your home.

#2 – Send Your Pets on a Holiday

Send your pets on a “holiday” at least 24 hours in advance so you will have time to clean up all traces of your pet because, some buyers don’t like the thought of buying a home that “might” have pet damage.

#3 – Buy Matching Appliances for Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is ‘stuck in the nineties’ and you’ve purchased mismatches appliances over the years you should buy all matching appliances because, nothing says “kitchen makeover” like mismatches appliances do.

#4 – Clean Everything

Another important thing you can do to add value to your Bend Oregon Home is to clean everything, including your medicine cabinet and closets because, buyers will certainly look in those areas if they are serious about buying your home.

#5 – Hire a Professional Designer

Consider hiring a professional designer for at least one to two hours because, this will give you a fresh perspective on things you can do to add value to your home and many times the recommendations a designer will give you are going to be inexpensive things you can easily do yourself.

#6 – Add Granite Counter Tops

Most buyers in 2015 still love granite counter tops so, if you want to make your home more desirable you should consider adding granite counter tops to your kitchen and bathroom.

#7 – Declutter Your Home

Last of all, but most important, de-clutter your home NOW by boxing up and removing any unwanted, or unused items from your home and placing those boxes in storage since you’re going to be moving anyway.

Buy a Bend Oregon Home

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Is Your Bend Oregon Home Staged To Appeal To The Buyers Senses?

Bend Oregon Home

Bend Oregon Home

By Jason Boone

Staging your Bend Oregon Home is one on the most important things you need to do if you’re serious about selling but you also must stage your home to appeal to a buyers senses as well.

In today’s post I will cover 3 things you can do to make sure that your home is as appealing sensually as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Tip 1 – Make Sure All Appliances and Fixtures Are Functioning Normally

What’s the first thing a buyer will hear when they step into your Bend Oregon Home?

Will buyers hear the clanking of an old ceiling fan? Tired whirring of your ancient refrigeration? Or will they hear the drip, drip, drip of your worn out kitchen sink?

If you have more than one appliance or fixture in your home that aren’t functioning well, or needs to be replaced, you should replace those parts of your home immediately because, when a buyer hears or sees something in your home that’s not working correctly they will wonder what else may be wrong with your home.

Tip 2 – Use Smells to Your Advantage

Before listing your home you should invite friends or family members over who don’t visit often to see if they smell anything “funky” in your home because all bad odors should be eliminated in favor of wonderful smells that are timeless and can produce fond memories or nice feelings in buyers.

Some of the smells you should consider doing to produce great smells in your home are: baking cookies or pies in the oven or placing scented candles throughout your home.

Remember to don’t go “overboard” when using smells in your home because too much of a good thing can literally repel potentially buyers and send them onto the next Bend Oregon Home for sale in your neighborhood.

Tip 3 – Create a Visually Appealing Bend Oregon Home

Last of all, but most important, use light to create a visually appealing home by cleaning all windows on the inside and outside, leave curtains open during the day, use lights throughout the home and don’t be afraid to light a fire in your fireplace (if you have one) before buyers arrive.

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What to Do With Dogs When Selling Your Bend Oregon Home

home buyer dogs

In 2014 many Bend Oregon homeowners will be planning on selling their homes and some of those homeowners will have dogs.

If a dog is currently living in the home that’s for sale it’s always best for the homeowner to leave the dog in doggy day care during the day when it’s time for open houses or if someone is planning on coming to view the home.

Why Remove Dogs when Selling A Home?

Removing dogs from the premises is a good idea because, most people don’t always like to see dogs roaming a property when a home is for sale because, they will wonder what might be wrong with the home and that might cause them to submit a lower offer or not bid on the home all together.

What about Neighbor Dogs?

Let’s say that a home for sale has neighbors who also own dogs as well.

Although the homeowner might be fine with the neighbor dogs those dogs might kill the sale because, once again not everyone likes dogs and they might drive some home buyers away.

Think Creatively

The solution to the problem of dealing with neighbor dogs is to either ask the neighbor to keep their dogs inside during the time of the open house or when buyers are expected to come and see the home because, having a dog free environment that’s free of barking will help the home buyer to stay focused on the home that they want to purchase.

If you’re really motivated to sell your home you should also consider sending your neighbors dogs to doggy day care for the day as well because, insuring that your neighbors dogs are conveniently away for your open house or showing can make it a lot easier for you when it comes time for your Realtor to show your home.

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Is It Worth Making Repairs To Your Bend Oregon Home Before Selling?

Bend Oregon Home For Sale

Should you make repairs to your Bend Oregon Home before selling it?

The answer to this question is yes!

You should always make repairs to your home if you plan on selling because, you don’t want to give any home buyers the opportunities to submit lower offers to you because, they will have spotted all of the things that are wrong with your home, or in need of repair, but it’s especially important to make repairs to your home before listing it for these reasons:

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

Let’s say that you spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on making repairs to your Bend Oregon Home before listing it, you can get this money back quickly because, you won’t be giving buyers any reasons to submit low ball offers on your home, and it also may attract the attention of multiple bidders who are interested in purchasing it, which could mean that you will be able to sell your home for more than your asking price.

Your Home Will Be Sellable

These days many Bend Oregon Homes are not ready to be sold when they are listed for sale, meaning that they have repairs that the owner didn’t make, or they were not staged for sale.

By taking the steps to make repairs to your home yourself you will be doing your part to sell your home by supplying your Realtor with a good “product” for them to sell instead of a home that has a lot of problems and will be difficult for them to find the right buyer who will be interested in investing the time and money into your home to make it their own.

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Should you ask the owner to include the furniture with the sale of their home?


In the Bend Oregon real estate market, staging a home is one of the most important things that any homeowner can do to help their homes attract the attention of potential home buyers, and sell quickly.

Yes, staging is one of the most successful things any homeowner can do to sell their homes but, it can also have another effect when a potential home buyer asks the homeowner to include all, or specific pieces of furniture with the sale of the home.

Don’t Annoy The Homeowner

Although some home buyers may be tempted to ask for furniture, appliances or more to be included with the sale of the home, sometimes asking the seller for too much might annoy the Bend Oregon homeowner, and make the sale of the home more troublesome than both parties expected.

Know Your Sales Agreement

Before the even submitting an offer on a home for sale in Bend Oregon, you must make sure that the sales agreement doesn’t say that the home will be sold as is, or has the term: “no stated value”, because the homeowner might be less inclined to include personal items like furniture, family heirlooms, artwork or antiques with the sale of their home.

Asking the homeowner to include their appliances, furniture or artwork with the sale of the home might be more difficult than expected because, most homeowners typically purchase their personal items over the years and their perceived value of those items might be different than what the value of those items actually are is in the mind of the home buyer.

If you’re in the process of buying a home, and you fallen in love with the furnishings that are in the living room, or the appliances that are in the kitchen of the home, it’s important to remember that furnishings and appliances can be found almost anywhere these days and that the real focus of the home buyer should be to get into the home first and then focus on furnishing it later, unless the buyer is able to pay cash for the home, and money is no object, since most lenders these days typically will have objections to financing the purchase of a home especially when personal items like furniture or appliances are included with the sale.

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