How to Choose the Right Carpeting for Your Bend Oregon Home


By Jason Boone

Carpeting can be “dirty word” to some homeowners since most people prefer wood flooring versus having the feel of carpet under their feet.

Although wood flooring is great you may be thinking about carpeting again especially to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months we have in Bend.

In this post I will provide you with tips you can use to choose carpeting for your home.

Choose Durable Carpet

As a homeowner one of the first things you should do when buying carpet for your home is to choose durable carpet.

Here’s how to know if carpet is durable or not:

  • Thickness
  • Fiber
  • Construction

Tip – If a carpet is made from more than one type of material you can have confidence that it’s going to be a durable carpet.

Look For the Best Carpet Density

What is carpet density?

It’s how closely carpet fiber strands are woven to each other.

If you purchase a densely woven carpet it will last longer and won’t “crush” as easily compared to a carpet or area rug which doesn’t have the same type of density.

Buy the Best Carpet Fibers

Wool Carpeting – Wool is the best type of carpet fiber you can have and it’s also the most durable available today.

Nylon Carpeting – Nylon is also very durable carpeting and it’s excellent especially in homes where there’s a lot of foot traffic.

Opt For Stain Resistant Carpeting

Last of all, but most important, choose carpeting which is stain resistant.

Most carpets today are made with inherent stain resistant fibers and confirming that your carpet is stain resistant before you purchase it will give you confidence that your carpeting will last for years to come.

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5 Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

 Home Renovation

If you’re thinking about Renovating or Adding On To Your Home Follow These Simple Tips

By Jason Boone

BEND – One of the great things about 2014 has been low mortgage interest rates which has enabled many people to refinance and renovate their homes.

If you’ve been thinking about adding value to your home by either a home renovation or addition this article will provide you with simple tips which will enable you to add value and get the most return on investment.

Tip 1 – Create a Good Plan

Even though remodeling or renovating a home may be an exciting process the most important thing you can do to get the highest Return on Investment of your money is to focus on creating a good plan first before you start renovating.

Don’t build cheap and fast, take the time to have a plan and a strategy in place because this will not only save you money in the long run but it will also save the builder money as well because they will be on the same “page” as you from the very beginning.

Tip 2 – Choose Quality over Quantity

Although you may be able to get more for less, the reality is that you will only be happy with your remodel if you use quality materials first rather than trying to get the most for your budget.

If you want stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, granite counter tops, wood floors or other high end materials in your home focus on getting the quality you want first because this will help you to continue loving your home and remodel years from now.

Tip 3 – Opt For A Coherent Design

Many homeowners over the years have made the mistake of choosing home renovation designs which did not complement the original shape or architecture of their homes.

Before you start your remodel or renovate your home make sure that the plans you choose compliment the design of your home because this will help your renovation to appear to be an original part of your home instead of a renovation or addition which was obviously added on over the years.

Tip 4 – Make Sure Your Home Will Be Able To Sell In The Future

You may be in love with the plans for your potential remodel or renovation but the main question you should ask yourself is: will I be able to sell my home in the future after I remodel it?

This question is important to ask because, sometimes it’s easy to overbuild with a remodel or renovation and your home may not be what buyers are looking for in the future so it’s important to review comparable homes in the neighborhood and or speak with a Realtor about your plan before you start construction.

Tip 5 – Don’t Forget To Follow the Rules

Last of all, but most important, don’t forget to follow the rules with your home remodel or renovation by building up to code and getting permission from your HOA if needed because, some neighborhood across the country do have specific requirements for the design of homes and it’s important to make sure you get approval across the board before you begin construction.

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Planning On Selling Your Bend Home Soon? Don’t Put Off Important Home Maintenance

man working on plumbing

Learn More About Which Areas of Your Home You Shouldn’t Be Neglecting

By Jason Boone

Thanks to a growing economy and a steady Real Estate market across the United States more homeowners are planning on selling their Bend homes soon but the scary thing is that many homeowners are neglecting critical home maintenance until it’s too late.

If you’ve been wondering which areas of your home you should be focusing on, this article will provide you with the facts that you need to know so home maintenance doesn’t continue to be something that you neglect.

Check Your Appliances

Have your appliances been recalled?

Even though you may have recently purchased a new refrigerator or dishwasher for your home you should check with to make sure that the new appliance in your home hasn’t been recalled because it’s defective.

Faulty appliances are responsible for over $500 million in property damage each year so it’s better to replace one or more defective appliances now rather than later.

Fix Those Leaks

When was the last time that you checked for leaks in your Bend Oregon Home?

If you haven’t scouted for leaks underneath your sinks, or under your home, you should check for and fix leaky pipes because, those leaks can easily cost you hundreds of dollars more per year on your water bill and repairing a leak can easily cost you up to $1,000 if you need to call a plumber.

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

If your home has a hardwood floor you should refinish it every couple of years because, hardwood floors that lack a nice finish can splinter and crack overtime which could prove to be hazardous to the elderly or little children.

Refinishing your hardwood floor will cost you maybe $20 per square foot but the investment is worth it especially when home buyers enter your home for the first time and see that your floor has been lovingly maintained.

Need More Bend Home Maintenance Tips?

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Home Staging Tips

home staging

Learn More about Home Staging and How It Can Help Your Home Sell


By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent article by which offered plenty of home staging tips we are reminded once again of the importance of home staging and how it can make your home attractive even to buyers that you thought would never have an interest in purchasing your home.

Seeing Your Home in a New Light

In the Real Estate article Leta and Carl, owners of a beautiful home in Hamden, Connecticut were able to easily stage and breathe new life into their drab 2,800 square foot home by following the home staging advice of their Realtor.

Their hard work paid off and before they even listed their home the couple’s daughter and her husband made an offer on the home because, they could now see the home as move in ready and a place that they potentially wanted to move and raise of family of their own.

Easy Home Staging Tips

Step 1 – Go through each room in your home and place the contents of the room on the floor.

Step 2 – Separate the contents of each room in boxes and only keep the items out that you or your family use regularly.

Step 3 – Box up and place all items in storage that you’re not currently using or maybe won’t use again until the fall or winter months.

Step 4 – You should also remove most of the furniture from each room as well because, keeping a minimal amount of furniture per room will help the rooms in your home to look bigger and more spacious.

Step 5 – Place children’s toys and games into storage bins that can easily be put into a closet or on a shelf at a moment’s notice.

Get More Practical Real Estate Advice

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Staging Tips – Don’t Forget To Remove The Old Car From Your Driveway

project car

There’s no denying that first impressions do count when you’re trying to sell your home that’s why it’s important to focus on things like curb appeal, cleaning, painting and staging.

What about an old car, boat or RV that you may have had sitting in the drive way for months or years?

Should you remove those old vehicles?

Many times it’s easy for people to forget about removing their old vehicles or recreational vehicles from their driveways and they don’t realize that keeping those “Junkers” parked in the front of their homes could ultimately be affecting how quickly they are able to sell their home or condo.


Your Vehicle Is a Reflection of You

Yes, your home is clearly a reflection of who you are and the vehicle that you drive is also a reflection of your personal traits and habits.

This is why it’s also important to remove any old or vehicles that are not currently running from your property because, these “eyesores” can prompt home buyers to wonder what else might be wrong with your home.

driveway bend oregon

Clean Your Driveway

After removing your old car, truck, RV, boat or project car from your driveway the next step that you should do is rent a pressure washer and spend a few minutes washing your driveway.

Once any old vehicles that are removed from your driveway or property there will be left over residual oil stains and debris from that vehicle so it’s best to take the time to thoroughly clean that area before you have your open house.


Home Staging Tip – Don’t Forget To Clean These Areas Too

Besides removing your old car from your driveway the next things in your home that you should clean are your refrigerator and medicine cabinet.

Your fridge and medicine cabinet are common areas of a home that people will forget to clean and it’s best to take steps to insure that they are spotless and even staged because, with every open house there will be at least one person who looks in them.

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What Happens When The Seller Doesn’t Make Repairs To Their Bend Home?

jason boone bend oregon realtor

During the process of searching for a home in Bend Oregon, you may come across the perfect house, but there are repairs that need to be made.

As the home buyer you’ve done your “due diligence” and hired a home inspection service than submitted your repair request to the sellers listing agent but what happens if the owner of the home that you’re interested in buying doesn’t make the repairs to the home that you’ve requested?

When purchasing a home the owner of the home (seller) is responsible contractually for making repairs to the home that have been negotiated between the buyer and seller but if the repairs are not made to the home as the buyer requested then the buyer has several options to choose from including:

Postpone Closing Until The Repairs Have Been Completed

This option isn’t one that the buyer or seller typically wants to choose because both parties are ready to move forward with their lives, but if it’s chosen, both the buyer and seller can extend their closing date by drafting an addendum to the sales contract.

Put The Repair Funds In Escrow

As the buyer, you want the repairs made, before you move in the home, and you also have the option to request that the funds be put into an escrow account until the owner has made the repairs on the home.

If the seller doesn’t complete the requested repairs by a specified date, you will be issued the funds and will have the ability to make the repairs to the home on your own.

Ask For A Credit From The Seller

Although this step could be risky since home repairs are often more expensive than originally thought it could be a smart decision for you to ask the seller for a credit, for the home repair costs, so the sale can close without any problems.

Go Back To The Table And Re-Negotiate

Last of all, but most important, if you’re not able to come to an agreement on what repairs the seller should make to their home you might want to sit down with the seller and re-negotiate what repairs they should make.

This step doesn’t always work out in the favor of the home buyer but it may enable you to close the sale with the seller and get into the home sooner, rather than later.

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