Close To 1 million Homeowners Nationwide Are Missing Out On Lower Mortgage Payments


Freddie Mac survey shows most homeowners still not benefiting from low mortgage interest rates


New Survey By Freddie Mac Shows Many Homeowners Are Still Overpaying For Their Mortgages

By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent survey by Freddie Mac we know that close to 1 million homeowners across the United States are overpaying for their mortgages each month.

Even though mortgage interest rates dropped to a low of 4.1% last week, for a 30-year fixed mortgage, the Freddie Mac data has shown us that most homeowners are not tapping into the resources which are available which will help them lower their monthly mortgage payments.

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

Started during the “great recession”, the Home Affordable Refinance Program has been one of the best opportunities for homeowners in Bend Oregon and across the United States to refinance their mortgages plus shave at least $200 or more per month off their monthly mortgage payments.

So far over 800,000 families across the United States have benefited from HARP and this program has helped both the consumer and lender since it’s kept more homeowners in their homes and helped lenders reduce the chances of a home slipping into foreclosure.

About HARP

Millions of homeowners found themselves in a difficult predicament after the U.S. housing bubble burst in 2008. As inventories soared nationwide, home prices plummeted. Many new homeowners saw the value of their homes drop below the balance of their mortgages, or nearly so. Later, these same homeowners were prevented from taking advantage of lower interest rates through refinancing, since banks traditionally require a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of 80% or less to qualify for refinancing without private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Take for example a house that was purchased for $160,000 but is now worth $100,000 due to the market decline. Further, assume the homeowner owes $120,000 on the mortgage. In this scenario, the loan-to-value ratio would be 120%, and if the homeowner chose to refinance, he would also have to pay for private mortgage insurance. If the homeowner were not already paying for PMI, the added cost could nullify much of the benefit of refinancing, so the homeowner could be effectively prohibited from refinancing.

Source – Wikipedia

Who Qualifies For HARP?

If your mortgage is guaranteed or owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you qualify for HARP.

You will also qualify for this program if your mortgage loan is over 80% of your home’s value and you have been current with your mortgage payments for the last 12 months.

Before Choosing HARP or Refinancing

Regardless if you choose HARP or decide to refinance your current mortgage loan make sure that you pull your credit score first and verify what your current credit score is because it make sense to wait a few months to improve your credit score before choosing to refinance your mortgage loan.

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Fannie Mae Survey Confirms Most Americans Agree That’s its Easy to Get a Mortgage

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More American’s Are Getting Mortgages In Spite Of Stricter Regulations

BEND – Thanks to a recent Fannie Mae Survey we know that more American’s than ever before are feeling optimistic about getting mortgage loans and that’s good news considering the fact that with more rules and regulations in the mortgage industry it’s been difficult for home buyers to get mortgage loans but not impossible.

Impressive Statistics

Breaking down the Fannie Mae survey we know that 52 percent of the 1,000 consumers that were surveyed said that they believed it was going to be easy for them to get a mortgage loan while just 45 percent said that they believed getting a mortgage loan was going to be difficult.

The good thing about the Fannie Mae mortgage loan survey is that it’s the first time that the survey results have passed 50 percent for optimism when it comes to getting a mortgage loan and that’s good news since home buyers haven’t always been optimistic over the last five years after the crash of the housing market.

Right Time to Buy?

More consumers feel that that they have a variety of credit options available to them and Doug Duncan, the chief economist with Fannie Mae agrees when he said in a recent interview: “The gradual upward trend in this indicator during the last few months bodes well for the housing recovery and may be contributing to this month’s increase in consumers’ intention to buy rather than rent their next home”.

What’s your plan for the 2014? Are you going to continue renting or do you plan on buying a home in Bend Oregon?

If you’re like the 48 percent of people surveyed by Fannie Mae you feel too that rents for apartments, homes, condo’s and town homes in Bend are only going to continue rising which will make buying a home the most viable option since you truly get so much more for your money when you buy a home versus rent one.

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Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Close To Paying Off Bail Out Money


Thanks to their recent quarterly reports, we know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both enjoyed profits during the third quarter of this year. Fannie Mae had a profit of $8.7 billion, while Freddie Mac had a profit of $30.5 billion.

What does this mean for the American taxpayer? It means good news because; both Fannie and Freddie are close to you paying off the bailout money that the Obama administration put into their businesses back in 2008.

Changing Times

During the days preceding the 2008 bailout, it did not look like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to pull outs of the massive hole that they found themselves in but, thanks to the government taking over the two financial giants, loaning them close to $200 billion in 2008, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are close to being out of debt to the United States government and getting back on sound financial footing once again.

Awesome Profits

Fannie May and Freddie Mac have both enjoyed profits for seven straight quarters and these consistent profits over the last couple years have enabled them to get close to paying off all of the bailout money that the Federal Government has invested in both businesses but what does this mean to the Bend Oregon home buyer?

The latest word is that the Federal Government is trying to get out of buying mortgage backed securities and when they do this could cause mortgage interest rates to go up at least temporarily until home buyers react to these new conditions in the mortgage market but mortgage interest rates shouldn’t increase dramatically since everyone from President Obama to local Bend Oregon Realtors agree that the growth of the Real Estate market is driving economic recovery in the United States.

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