What To Look For When Buying A Bend Oregon Rental Home

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Are you planning on buying a Bend Oregon Home because you want to rent it out and have that home be an income property for your investment portfolio?

Before purchasing a home in Bend or anywhere in the United States you must first make sure that the home will offer you good net rental income.

What Is Net Rental Income And Why Is It Important?

Net rental income is the money that you will have left over at the end of each month after you’ve paid for your mortgage and other debt serving costs like taxes and management fees plus operating expenses to keep that home in great shape for the years to come.

What Can You Rent The Home For?

If you’re struggling with what you can potentially rent a home for you can easily find out the potential rental income that you can get from a home by doing a comparable analysis of other homes that are renting in the area and finding out what they are currently renting for online via websites like Craigslist or other property management websites.

Make Sure Your Rental Home Meets This Goal

As a Real Estate investor your goal is to make sure that the Bend Oregon Home that you purchase will cover over 100% of your expenses, mortgage repayments and other costs associated with the home for the years that you own it.

The great thing is that now is the perfect time to buy because, mortgage interest rates are still low and you can easily see an excellent return on your Real Estate Investment if you purchase a Bend Oregon home now and gradually make improvements to it over the years which will enable you to build equity n the home and sell it at a profit.

For more information on what to look for when purchasing a Bend Oregon Home for sale, or to view the latest homes in the area that have been listed, contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.

Planning On Investing In Bend Oregon Real Estate?

bend oregon real estate

Have you been thinking about investing in Bend Oregon Real Estate to strengthen your investment portfolio? You’re not alone. Over the last 12 months many people in Bend have chosen Real Estate as their next “investment vehicle” because, low mortgage interest rates, rising home prices and high demand for homes make investing in Real Estate irresistible right now.

What to Look for First

If you plan on investing in Bend Oregon Real Estate in the coming months you should first look for Real Estate that will offer you good net rental income. You can determine the potential net rental income of a Bend Oregon home by finding out the age of the home, annual operating expenses and debt servicing costs (Example: management fees, taxes and mortgage).

What can you Rent It For?

After you know how much it will cost you each year to own a home in Bend, the next thing to do is a comparable analysis of what other homes in the same area are renting for. This analysis can be done by doing some simple research on Craigslist or via local property management websites which will show what homes the area are renting for.

Your Real Goal When Buying a Rental Home

As a Real Estate investor your goal is to purchase Bend Oregon Real Estate that will offer pay for over 100% of the operating expenses for your home along with the mortgage repayments and ultimately in the end provide you with a little cash flow at the end of each month that you could use for reinvesting back in the home or saving towards purchasing another home.

Choose the Right Location

Last of all, but most important, you should choose Bend Oregon Real Estate that is centrally located, and close to everything that Bend has to offer because, most renters want to purchase homes that are close to the city center, shopping and all other forms of recreation so it’s best to keep those reasons in mind before investing your hard earned money in a home that you ultimately plan on renting out.

To learn more about what to look for in Bend Oregon Real Estate and how to choose the perfect investment home contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.

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