Is It Worth Making Repairs To Your Bend Oregon Home Before Selling?

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Should you make repairs to your Bend Oregon Home before selling it?

The answer to this question is yes!

You should always make repairs to your home if you plan on selling because, you don’t want to give any home buyers the opportunities to submit lower offers to you because, they will have spotted all of the things that are wrong with your home, or in need of repair, but it’s especially important to make repairs to your home before listing it for these reasons:

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

Let’s say that you spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on making repairs to your Bend Oregon Home before listing it, you can get this money back quickly because, you won’t be giving buyers any reasons to submit low ball offers on your home, and it also may attract the attention of multiple bidders who are interested in purchasing it, which could mean that you will be able to sell your home for more than your asking price.

Your Home Will Be Sellable

These days many Bend Oregon Homes are not ready to be sold when they are listed for sale, meaning that they have repairs that the owner didn’t make, or they were not staged for sale.

By taking the steps to make repairs to your home yourself you will be doing your part to sell your home by supplying your Realtor with a good “product” for them to sell instead of a home that has a lot of problems and will be difficult for them to find the right buyer who will be interested in investing the time and money into your home to make it their own.

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Simple Tips for Selling Your Home during the 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market

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The 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market will be different compared to 2013 thanks to mortgage interest rates which are at least a percentage point higher than the same time last year and also higher home values.

We can expect to see fewer home buyers in Bend than in previous years but that doesn’t mean that a homeowner won’t be able to sell their home, condo or vacation home in Bend if they follow this simple strategy.

Eliminate Buyer Objections before Listing Your Home

Before listing your home on the 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market you should first take a look around your home and start making repairs now so a potential buyer won’t submit a lower offer to you later because, your home needs work.

Some of the areas of your home that you should consider repairing and getting into shape are your: kitchen, bathroom, doors, windows and roof. You may not need to make any major improvements or repairs to your home but doing making small improvements to each room of your home like: painting walls, replacing flooring or fixtures can in the end help to increase your home’s value and make it more sellable.

Get Your Home Really Clean

That’s great that you’ve made repairs to your home and fixed any possible areas that might lead a buyer to submitting a lower offer but is your home clean?

Before the first potential buyer steps foot into your home you should take steps to clean your home thoroughly inside and out because, a clean house paints the positive mental picture in the mind of the buyer that you’ve taken care and loved your home during the time that you’ve lived there.

Speak With a Real Estate Agent

Once your home is ready to be sold on the 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market you should speak with a Realtor and ask them to do a Comparative Marketing Analysis so you can find out what it will take to sell your home.

When you hire a Bend Oregon Realtor it’s important to remember that your relationship with your Realtor is a partnership and you should be ready to do your part like following your Realtor’s recommendations for home improvements or repairs and arranging special times for prospective buyers to view your home.

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Are You Selling Your Home To A Millennial Or Empty Nester?

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2013 has been a great year for home sales in Bend Oregon and as we move into the fall months many homeowners who are planning on selling their homes are encountering interest in their homes from empty-nesters (parents whose children have grown and moved out of their house) and millennials (people born after 1982) but few homebuyers know what to expect from either group of homebuyers since each group has different needs and expectations.

Get To Know Millennials

If a millennial shows up at your open house with their parents or relative is that you should pay as much attention to the parent or relative, as you should to the millennial because, the parent or relative may be the one who will be loaning the millennial the down payment money to obtain the loan for purchasing your home.

It’s also important to remember that when your Realtor lists your home, the listing should highlight all of the technological advances that your home has like: wiring for audio, visual, internet and plenty of space to work from home since most millennials are technologically “savvy” and are looking for the perfect home that will fit “their” lifestyle.

What Are Empty Nesters Looking For?

Empty nesters are looking for homes that offer them many multi-purposes. For example: a bedroom that has plenty of space for a home office, a living room that can also be used for a game room or a garage with plenty of space for a shop.

When marketing a home to empty nesters it’s also important to remember that as empty nesters age, they might not have the same physical abilities as they did when they were younger, so it’s also important to promote attractions that are within walking distance, or close to public transportation, so they can go places without having to drive or rely on others.

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Should you ask the owner to include the furniture with the sale of their home?


In the Bend Oregon real estate market, staging a home is one of the most important things that any homeowner can do to help their homes attract the attention of potential home buyers, and sell quickly.

Yes, staging is one of the most successful things any homeowner can do to sell their homes but, it can also have another effect when a potential home buyer asks the homeowner to include all, or specific pieces of furniture with the sale of the home.

Don’t Annoy The Homeowner

Although some home buyers may be tempted to ask for furniture, appliances or more to be included with the sale of the home, sometimes asking the seller for too much might annoy the Bend Oregon homeowner, and make the sale of the home more troublesome than both parties expected.

Know Your Sales Agreement

Before the even submitting an offer on a home for sale in Bend Oregon, you must make sure that the sales agreement doesn’t say that the home will be sold as is, or has the term: “no stated value”, because the homeowner might be less inclined to include personal items like furniture, family heirlooms, artwork or antiques with the sale of their home.

Asking the homeowner to include their appliances, furniture or artwork with the sale of the home might be more difficult than expected because, most homeowners typically purchase their personal items over the years and their perceived value of those items might be different than what the value of those items actually are is in the mind of the home buyer.

If you’re in the process of buying a home, and you fallen in love with the furnishings that are in the living room, or the appliances that are in the kitchen of the home, it’s important to remember that furnishings and appliances can be found almost anywhere these days and that the real focus of the home buyer should be to get into the home first and then focus on furnishing it later, unless the buyer is able to pay cash for the home, and money is no object, since most lenders these days typically will have objections to financing the purchase of a home especially when personal items like furniture or appliances are included with the sale.

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