5 Tips for Choosing a Bend Oregon Realtor


By Jason Boone

Are you planning on buying a home for the first time, or maybe your second home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 tips for choosing a Bend Oregon Realtor.

Tip 1 – Check Their References

Before hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor make sure you check their references including asking for at least three references for clients they’ve served recently.

Tip 2 – Review Their Licensing Information

Contact the state board to review your Bend Oregon Real Estate agents licensing information. This can usually be done locally but you can also do it online as well.

Tip 3 – Search for a Winner

Don’t just choose any Realtor ®, make sure you also choose an agent who has also been ranked highly by their peers including receiving the ranking of “Realtor of the Year” since this is a great designation any agent can receive.

Tip 4 – Confirm Their Credentials

Although it may be tempting to choose an agent because they have a “great personality”, you should also choose a Realtor ® based on the credentials that they have next to their name including: CRS, ABR and SRES.

Tip 5 – Verify Their Experience

Yes, there are a lot of Realtor’s out there today but the biggest question you should be asking is if they are experienced? Before choosing a Real Estate Agent make sure you choose someone who has verifiable experience just so you will know that you’re not choosing an agent who just got their license.

Choose a Bend Oregon Realtor

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What Does A Bend Oregon Realtor Cost?

Bend Oregon Realtor

Bend Oregon Realtor

Learn More about What It’s really like to Work with a Realtor

By Jason Boone

Working with a Bend Oregon Realtor is important if you want to buy a home, condo, town home or property because, a qualified and licensed Real Estate Agent will save you the time, money and the hassle of searching for a property yourself.

Although working with a Real Estate professional is essential many people let the fear of paying their Realtor’s commission stop them from taking the first step in the home buying process.

In today’s post I will break down who really pays the Realtor’s commission, what you can expect when working with a Bend Oregon Realtor and so much more:

Commission Breakdown

Did you know that when it when it comes to your Realtor’s commission you’re not the person who will be paying your Realtor once you buy a home?

Your Realtor’s commission will paid to them by the Sellers Agent.

They will typically split their commission with the Buyer’s Agent and pay your Real Estate Professional up to 4 percent of their 7 percent commission which they will receive from the sale of the home.

Hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor

To get started with hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor you will most likely be asked to sign an Exclusive Buyers Agent Agreement because, this agreement will do the following in your relationship with your Realtor:

  • Commits you to working with your Realtor for 30 or more days. The term of the agreement can be negotiated before signing.
  • Gives your Realtor peace of mind because, they will know that you are a serious buyer before they meet to show you a home.

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Where Do I Start Looking To Buy A Home In Bend?

Bend Oregon Home For Sale

BEND – Home buying can sometimes be a mix of excitement and frustration because, you know that it’s the right decision that you want to make for yourself and your family but you don’t know where to get started.

In this post were going to cover steps to that you should take so you can find a home for sale in Bend and save the time, money plus hassle of having to do everything yourself.

Step 1 – Find a Realtor

The first step towards finding a home in Bend that’s for sale is hiring a Real Estate Agent. You will want to work with a Realtor because; he or she will have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as a variety of other contacts to help you find the home that’s perfect for you.

Step 2 – What “Exactly” Are You Looking For?

Every home buyer knows what they want in a home and also what they are willing to settle for. Before you start your home search you should come up with your list of what you want and what you and your family is willing to settle for because, this approach will help you to stay clear during your home search especially if you find a home that could be great after you do some remodeling work to it.

Step 3 – Get Prequalified For a Mortgage Loan

Another important thing that you need to do before searching for a Bend Oregon Home is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan because, pre-qualification means that you will know what homes you can really afford and not face the disappointment of finding the right home only to realize later that it’s out of your price range.

For more tips on the home buying process in Bend, or to view the latest homes for sale in the area, contact me today at (541) 383-1426.


What to Expect From Buyers before Listing Your Home on the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market

jason boone bend oregon realtor

In the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market one thing sellers can expect is for buyers to always be looking for ways to pay below the seller’s asking price but the seller can be prepared before they list their home if they know what parts of their home the buyer might use as their reason for submitting a lower offer.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The first areas of any home on the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market that a buyer will pinpoint as their reasons for submitting a lower offer are that the kitchens and bathrooms of the home need serious updating.

Buyers can be picky, especially if they are looking for their dream home, and find a home with a kitchen or bathroom that has flooring or fixtures that need to be replaced and walls that should have been painted years ago.

Every buyer should make the effort to update their home, before they list it, by painting walls neutral colors, replacing old, outdated flooring and investing in new fixtures for the home like faucets, sinks and hardware for cabinets because, making a small investment in the home before listing it can ultimately save the owner tens of thousands of dollars and enable them to sell their homes for more than their asking price.

Hire a Licensed Contractor

When making any major repairs, before listing a home on the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market, a homeowner should always make the effort to hire a licensed contractor to work on their home, especially when making plumbing or electrical repairs, because, if the buyer’s agent finds out that the home owner performed all of the work on their home themselves, this could be another reason for them to submit a low offer on the Bend Oregon Home For Sale because, they could ultimately claim that some parts of the home are not up to code since a licensed contractor didn’t perform the repairs for the home owner.

To learn more about how to get your home ready to sell on the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market, or to view the latest Bend Homes for Sale, contact me today by calling: (541) 383-1426. 

Thinking About Listing Your Bend Oregon Home Yourself?


Should I list my home myself?

This is a question that many Bend Oregon homebuyers have right now thanks to Real Estate websites like trulia.com, activerain.com and realtor.com but the reality that most homeowners have to face when considering selling their homes is the amount of work that will go into getting their home sold.

Finding Buyers

The first step towards selling a Bend Oregon home is finding homebuyers, and this involves advertising your home on the Internet plus in the local area.

Once you start receiving calls from prospective home buyers you will need to set appointments, and be ready to show your home on the buyers schedule, and this can mean being available either later in the evening hours or in the morning; this balancing of schedules can lead to schedule conflicts especially if you work fulltime.

Dealing with Negotiation

After you’ve received an offer on your home the next question that should be asked is are you ready to deal with negotiation should a prospective buyer find something wrong with your home that needs to be fixed and they ask you to reduce the price?

Many homeowners typically don’t have any negotiation skills at all and they will go down in price plus lose more money than they would have if they had worked with a professional Realtor.

Time for Contracts

With any Real Estate deal the core of buying or selling a Bend Oregon home is the contract and if you’re not skilled with reading a contract it can be very easy for you to come out losing money on the sale of your home that’s why it pays to have a skilled Bend Oregon Realtor on your side who will be your “Real Estate Advocate” and make sure that your best interests in the sale of your home are represented.

To learn more about how I can help you to sell your Bend Oregon Home, or find properties in this area that match your criteria, contact me today by calling: (541) 383-1426.

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