Amid another record sales figure, buyers push back

Median sales figure graphThe median sales price of a home in Bend, Oregon, set another record in July, the second month in a row that figure has reached unprecedented levels. But along with the rising median sales price came evidence that the market is highly competitive and buyers are pushing back on overpriced homes.

July’s median sales price was $412,500. That’s $3,500 (0.9 percent) more than June’s median price. June and July are the only two months out of the more than 10 years for which the Skjersaa Group has data that Bend’s median sales price has exceeded $400,000.

Compared with the median sales price of July 2016, this July’s figure rose 13.2 percent. The year-over-year increase in June was 10.5 percent – meaning that July’s sales prices showed a greater annual increase than June’s.

But there are signs that sellers need to get ahead of the game and price their homes competitively.

The average days on the market in July was 141 days, compared with 91 days in June. The 141 days is the highest for any July since 2012, which is the only year since 2010 that a July has had a higher days-on-market figure than this year. Put another way: July 2017’s days on the market are the second-highest for any July in the last eight years.

Looking at it another way, consider that the highest figure for average days on the market in any month in 2016 was 142 days – and that came in February, a typically slow month for home sales.

Inventory of homes matches high for 2017

And the inventory – the number of months it would take to sell all homes currently on the market given the current pace of sales – rose in July to 3.7 months, matching the highest month of this calendar year (January) and last exceeded in February 2016, when there was 4.9 months of inventory.

Our data is broken down by various price ranges, and as is usual with our monthly sales figures, not every price range tells the same story.

The inventory of homes priced at $625,000 and less is at most three months. Homes priced at more than $625,000 are driving a big part of the overall inventory figure.

Sellers reduce prices on sizable fraction of homes

Accompanying the record for median sales price figures these last two months is another noteworthy — and perhaps counterintuitive — statistic: the percentage of homes on the market with price reductions.

That number was 43 percent in June and 40 percent in July. We have to go back to February 2009 — before the housing market rebounded — to find a month in which 40 percent of the homes for sale had a price reduction.

There were 570 active listings in July. That’s the highest amount since August 2015 (583 active listings). And on Aug. 1, 2017, there were 638 active listings, the most since there were 638 in October 2014.

The sales data these past couple of months are open to various interpretations. Wherever you are in the real estate cycle — buying a home or thinking of selling — I can help you. My integrity, ethics and experience will ensure you of an optimal outcome. To learn more about how I can assist you in your real estate transaction, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.

Record for median sales price in June; $400K mark exceeded

Back-to-back months of declines in the median sales price of homes in Bend, Oregon, ended in June: The median price was $409,000 – a record for the 10-plus years for which the Skjersaa Group has data and the first time in that period that the median price has reached $400,000.

June 2017 figures share some characteristics from the same month in previous years, and the most important one might be that only once in the preceding 10 years was June the high-water mark for the median sales price in a calendar year.

June had the highest number of active homes (442) and the highest number of sold homes (246) this calendar year to date, as was the case with June each of the previous three years. In all three of those years, the June sales price exceeded what was then the year-to-date median price for the respective calendar year, but later months those years exceeded June’s median price.

Translation: Based on data from the last three years, June’s record-breaking sales prices could very well be eclipsed this calendar year.

It’s worth remembering that the median sales price is not an average sales price. The median is the amount at which half of the homes sold in a given month went for less than the median, and half went for more than the median.

Using the median figure rather than the average prevents the figures in question from being skewed by a handful of high-end homes.

(Which didn’t happen, anyway. Ten homes priced for $825,100 or more were sold in June, one fewer than in each of April and May.)

The inventory of homes on the market increased in June to 3.3 months. That’s the highest for a June since 2014, when it was 4.2 months. But, similar to a phenomenon we pointed out last month, the inventory for Bend as a whole is weighted by the most expensive tier of homes.

Inventory for homes in the range of $825,100 and $925,000 was 3.2 months, and for homes priced at $925,100 and up, it was 15.2 months. For homes priced up to $825,000 – which made up 79 percent of the active listings in June – the inventory was three months and less.

June’s median sales price was 10.5 percent higher than in June 2016. That marked the third year in a row that the year-over-year increase in June exceeded 10 percent. June’s $409,000 median price was 7.9 percent over the previous month’s – and that’s the highest month-over-month increase for a June since 2011, when the region was clawing its way out of the housing decline.

Another record was set in June, and that was for lowest average days on market: 91 days. It was the first time the average was less than 100 days since July 2016 (when it was 97 days) and only the third time since at least January 2007 (the extent of our data set) it has been less than 100 days.

It seems clear the real estate market in Bend has hit full stride. It’s an exciting time to be in the market – as a buyer or a seller. Whatever your position, I can assist in bringing about a solution that leaves you satisfied and in a great position.  To learn more about how I can assist you in your real estate transaction, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.

Median sales price falls for second month in a row. What happened last time that occurred?

The housing market in Bend, Oregon, tapered slightly in May, as the median sales price fell for the second month in succession and the inventory of homes on the market rose compared with April. Still, the year-to-date median price remained steady at a price that represents a high for the 10-plus years for which we have data.

May’s median sales price was $379,000. That’s 4.1 percent lower than March’s median sales price of $395,000 and 2.8 percent lower than April’s median of $389,950.

If recent history is any indication, this dip could eventually turn into a trampoline. The last time monthly median sales prices declined in consecutive months was in 2016 (when they fell for three months in a row, in fact). That stretch of monthly declines after the median price reached $374,000 in May ended emphatically with a 7.5 percent month-over-month increase from August to September to $385,750 – the calendar-year high for 2016.

Two hundred seventeen homes were sold in May, four fewer than in April. The number of houses whose priced was reduced was 107 — 32 percent. The last time the percentage of active listings with a reduced price was that high was in the three-month stretch in 2016 when the monthly median sales figure dropped. (See the previous paragraph for what happened after that three-month stretch.)

Year over year, May’s median sales price showed a 1.3 percent increase from the corresponding month in 2016. That is the smallest year-over-year increase in a monthly median sales figure since January 2016. That month, the median sales price of $317,450 was 3.7 percent lower than in January 2015.

The 2017 year-to-date median price stayed at $380,000 after taking into account May’s sales. That remains the highest year-to-date median price on record. In fact, each month of 2017 has reset or tied the record for the highest year-to-date median sales price.

High-end homes a big part of inventory

The inventory of homes rose to 3.1 months in May. Inventory — expressed as the time that would be required to sell all homes on the market given the current pace of activity — was 1.7 months in May 2016.

May 2017’s inventory is skewed, however, toward higher-priced homes. Of May’s 337 active listings, 33 percent were priced at more than $725,000 (that percentage was 25 percent in March and 31 percent in April). For homes priced from $225,100 to $625,000, the inventory is in the range of two months. And two months of inventory falls well on the side of being a “seller’s market.”

Tied to the inventory is the volume of homes on the market. Each month this year, the active listings have been the fewest for those respective months in the 10-plus years for which the Skjersaa Group has data. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the quantity of homes priced at $725,000 and less is particularly tight.

Late spring and summer traditionally are the most active months for real estate, and if you’re looking to buy a home or considering putting yours on the market, I can be of help. In my time as a Realtor, I have helped clients achieve their desired results regardless of the time of year and the trend of the market. To learn more about how I can assist you in your real estate transaction, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.

Median price drops in April, as does inventory of homes for sale

The median sales price of a home in Bend, Oregon, dropped in April compared with the month before, but the inventory of homes for sale fell for the third month in a row, leaving the tightest supply in more than 10 years.

The median sales price in April was $389,950. That’s 1.3 percent lower than March’s median of $395,000. The average sales price to list price of homes that sold in April was 97 percent, down from 101 percent the month prior.

On a year-over-year basis, April’s median sales price was 7.2 percent higher than April 2016’s figures. And the 2017 year-to-date median sales price rose to $380,000, $5,000 more than one month earlier and $40,000 more than the year-to-date median price through April 2016.

Despite the decline in price, April’s figure was the third-highest median sales price in the period for which the Skjersaa Group has data, which dates to the start of 2007.

Even with the decrease from March’s median sale price, April’s sales figures indicate the Bend housing market isn’t slackening. The inventory of homes — the time it would take for all homes on the market to sell, given the current pace of sales — is 1.4 months. And the average days on the market for homes sold in April was 96 days. Both of those numbers are the lowest for the time covered by our dataset.

The percentage of homes priced $625,100 and up made up 15 percent of the sales in April — the highest proportion of one month’s sales for homes of that price this calendar year.

Two hundred twenty homes were sold in April, the highest for that month in our dataset. Although that figure might reflect activity that was bottled up during our snowed-in winter, the unprecedented low average days on market would indicate that buyers are pouncing quickly.

There were 324 active listings in April, matching February for the fewest in a month this calendar year and the lowest for any April since at least 2007. May began with 389 active listings.

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Sales prices approach highest on record

March homes sales in Bend, Oregon, picked up compared with the previous month and registered the second-highest median sales price in the last 10 years.

The median price climbed to $395,000 in March. The only month in our data set (dating to the start of 2007) that figure has been higher has been May 2007, when it was $396,250.

March’s median sales price was 11.3 percent higher than February’s mark of $354,853. Year over year, March’s median represented a 14.2 percent increase.

The 11.3 percent monthly increase in March was the largest in Bend since January 2015 had a 13.7 percent increase from the month prior.

Can anything be learned from January 2015 that can be applied to the future of the current Bend market?

That can’t be answered. But it is worth pointing out that January 2015’s median sales price of $329,700 turned out to be greater than the year-end median sales price for the entirety of 2015 ($327,500).

And January 2015 represented the fifth-highest month for sales price in that year, whereas January usually is among the lowest months for median sales price.

Returning to the present year, remember that typically, March’s median sales price represents a “support” level, or a springboard, for prices for the remainder of the calendar year. In each of the last six calendar years, the month with the highest median sales price has been September or August. So it would be unusual for March’s median sales prices not to be exceeded in the coming months.

Other information in the March sales data support the position that Bend remains strongly a seller’s market.

For one, the inventory of homes on the market was 2.0 months. Inventory represents the amount of time it would take for all homes on the market to sell, given the current pace of sales. There is some debate about the boundary between a buyer’s and a seller’s market (with figures ranging from three to six months), but there’s no debating that March’s inventory was the third-lowest for the time span the Skjersaa Group has data and the lowest for any March in that period

The average days on the market in March was 112 days. That is 24 fewer days than in February (a halt to our record-breaking winter weather undoubtedly helped), and, perhaps more significant, 18 days fewer than in March 2016. The average days on market for the entirety of calendar year 2016 was 118 days.

We entered April with 273 pending sales, a number that promises another busy month.

As the real estate market gears up, it’s as important as ever to have a trusted, experienced Realtor on your side. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or considering buying, I can provide guidance and advice to ensure an optimal outcome for you. To learn more about how I can assist you, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.

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